On Jan 28, eight newly-appointed school principals were commissioned during the annual Commencement of School Year Mass organised by the Archdiocesan Commission for Catholic Schools (ACCS) and the Council of Catholic Schools' Principals (CCSP). This annual Eucharistic celebration gathers the school community in a spirit of thanksgiving for the precious gift of Catholic education.

Celebrating the Guiding Lights of Our Community

Heartfelt Congratulations to Our Principals!

Our educational philosophy strives to instil strong moral values and virtues guided by Catholic Social Teaching. A firm foundation in faith serves as a guiding light, empowering students to navigate life's challenges with resilience and integrity.
We look forward to the positive impact that their leadership will bring, inspiring both students and staff alike to embrace the core values of love, truth, justice and freedom, values that embody the essence of Catholic education.

School Name
Canossaville Preschool Ms Abhirami Prakash
LSS@Church of St Anthony Ms Jacqueline Wee
LSS@Church of St Francis of Assisi-Jurong West Ms Melissa Ng
LSS@Church of St Francis Xavier Ms Angela Lim
SJI International Preschool Dr Geraldine Teo-Zuzarte
Assumption English School Mr Vincent Toh
Catholic Junior College Mrs Woo Soo Min
SJI International (High) Mr Bradley Bird

"When a candidate [for the clergy] is presented for ordination, I tell him, 'Receive the gospel, believe what you read, teach what you believe, practise what you teach," he said, using the example of sacerdotal ordination. "It is the whole being, and I think this is what leadership is all about."

Catholic High School Pastoral Coordinator Ms Susan Pang was struck by the message that teachers should teach and lead with their whole being. This reminded her "to be self-aware and inclusive in all that I do, and to be the light that embraces," she said.

Cardinal Goh's exhortation that a teacher must "teach with authority by his or her very life" resonated with Mr Jeremiah Lim, a parishioner from the Church of Saint Mary of the Angels and a beginning teacher in a non-Catholic school. "It is daunting to proclaim the kingdom of God in a non-Catholic school," he admitted. "Nevertheless, I was reminded during the Cardinal's homily that to witness goes beyond what a person says but ultimately how a person lives. To this end, to be a witness of Christ to the world first entails being rooted in Him through the scriptures and

Jonathan Hee, a JC2 student from the Catholic Junior College (CJC) who attended the Mass with his parents also took away valuable lessons on leadership. He explained that as a student leader in his Co-Curricular Activity (CCA), swimming, and in his Catholic CCA Genesis, he represents his junior college community, and not just himself.

"Every day when I wear the CJC uniform; when I am ushering people into the chapel for Mass, I represent my college," he said. "The actions that I take do not just reflect who I am, but also where I come from." In leading his swimming team, Jonathan strives to go the extra mile with his team mates. "Acting with authority does not mean I display power, but it means that I should do all I can for the team, through the grace of God and the strength he gives me."

Newly-commissioned principal of St Joseph's Institution International Preschool Dr Geraldine Zuzarte said, "Cardinal Goh pointedly mentioned that leadership is a lonely journey, and maybe it is, but it becomes less lonely when I know that I will always have support around me, and this support is not just from the communities here on earth. As Catholics we believe in the community of saints in heaven; how wonderful to know that we can seek support from them as well."