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Core Values, Common Purpose & Goals

The Core Values, Common Purpose & Goals paper for Catholic Schools has been the subject of consultations and revisions since the end of 2009. While every school has its own specific mission and charism that distinguishes the school, this paper highlights what is essential and common to all schools so that we can operate as one body with a common vision and mission. These values, purpose and goals are centred on our belief in God’s abiding love for humankind.

We sincerely hope and pray that all Management Committees, principals, and teachers in our Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Singapore will view it as a most useful tool for keeping our Catholic Identity strong and resilient.

Core Values

We believe:

  • that each person/child created in the image and likeness of God is a precious gift and sacred responsibility

  • that good Catholic education includes spiritual growth and fulfilment of potential

  • in building Christ-centred communities for service to one another

  • parents have a primary role in Catholic education which is a shared responsibility

Common Purpose

Through our schools, we want:

  • to give our students a sense of God

  • to uphold a view of the Human Person as made in the image and likeness of God

  • to provide young people with a view of life that is positive – based on faith, hope & love expressed in selfless service

  • to provide a Catholic education for Catholic students

  • to provide a holistic education which integrates the spiritual

  • to work with parents to build up citizens for society who embody compassion, justice and joy

  • to set the benchmark for good education

  • to bring the Gospel to life and bring Christ to a needy world


Our schools will:

  • be places of learning and reflection on the deeper meaning of things, the ultimate purpose of life and acknowledgement of God as the source of life.

  • be a place of encounter with Christ

  • be known for its good teaching and thirst for truth

  • place emphasis on inter-religious learning, appreciation of cultures and diversity

  • train leaders for national and local arenas who are steeped in a collaborative style of leadership

  • emphasise a community atmosphere

  • form one system of Catholic Education forging a unity in diversity

  • work closely with all stakeholders especially parents, alumni and parishes to provide a strong foundation in the truth;

Download the Core Values, Common Purpose & Goals paper here.